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Angel of Death

29 April 1988
Greetings I am Invidia1988. you may call me kiya if you will (more commonly known as)

I am the one and only Kiya, and I love to write, role play, and draw more like scribble. well anyway I have alot I can pour in here but it's better to talk over a messenger to get to know me.

This journal is my own sanctuary away from a sanctuary where I can literally be myself and complain, write, and submit things to people or friends. I do accept requests on fanfics but only when I'm not already buried under requests. If you make a good first impression on me I'll share some things with you, if not then I don't know what to make of you.

I am loyal and honest as they come. I can be sensitive honest where I take feelings into consideration and plan out what to say... or I can be cruel honest and tell you as it is. I tend to do the latter since it gets the point across faster. I am not a perfect person nor do I try to be saint perfect... I believe in making mistakes and learning from them often. But if you want a sincere and true friend I can be one of those. I will never be "Fake" and I can spot people that are fake. You try to lie... and I see right through it. There has not been a successful person that has lied to me and escaped unscathed. I can be vindictive when crossed... and I won't try to hide this streak. I may lose and gain friends over time... but only the true ones stick around.

I have issues like everyone else and I prefer not to go into detail about them. What is in the past should be left there unless I choose to talk about them. Never should they be dug up by anyone other than me. I may come off once in a while as complaintive in my journal or I delve into topics that are questionable. I respect everyone's view to something they have their reasons.

I do expect you to use ToS or internet etiquette. My grammar sucks I know so don't point it out to me on where I need work. I already have 7 highly trained grammar Nazi's for that.

If you don't mind a journal that is filled with questionable material such as yaoi fanfics, fandom talk, sexual topics, controversial, and the occasional rants then feel free to add me.

I don't bite... often. But I bet you are very flammable and taste really well with ketchup. >:3

I am a Taurus sun, Libra moon, Virgo rising, and a earth dragon. I am always willing to help someone understand astrological things. Just ask away.

I am an INTP mind based on the Myer-Briggs TI sorter... and here is some decent information from a fan test for DN.

Your result for The Jung Type Death Note Test...



This personality test is heavily based on the Kiersey Sorter. In essence, it measures your personality across four variables: Introversion-Extraversion, Intuition-Sensing, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Percieving. There are both positive and negative attributes to each of the traits.

Introversion-Extraversion: Generally, people who score high on "introversion" are reserved, quiet people who keep to themselves whereas people who score low on "introversion" are outgoing, friendly people who are extraverts.

People who score high on "intuition" are guided by gut instinct, they go on intuition as opposed to people who score low on this trait, who prefer to rely on established fact and their senses, rather than their own belief.

Thinking-Feeling: People with high scores on "thinking" rely more on their head to make decisions, whereas people who score low on "thinking" rely more on their heart to guide them. (Note: this has no bearing on a person's intelligence level; it merely refers to the way in which they make desicions.)

Judging-Percieving: People who score high "judging" are firm, decisisive people, whereas people who score low on this trait are flexible, accomodating people.


Stats: Approximately 4% of population.

DN characters with this type: L.

In a nutshell: "A love of problem-solving."

Desciption: Logical, original, creative thinkers. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings. Highly value knowledge, competence and logic. Quiet and reserved, hard to get to know well. Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others.

The category write-ups displayed here are not entirely my own; some of this info has been taken from personalitypage.com and some from changingminds.org, both of which are excellent sources of information about personality types. The test questions came in part from Please Understand Me II, another excellent source of information about personality types. Finally, if you'd like an incredibly detailed essay on your personality type, try typelogic.com who have a serious level of detail for anyone wanting to know more about this subject.

The Deathnote pics were made by me using scans by TOWNL and from deathgod.org. Thanks to LateNiteSlacker and Uchiha_Shadow for helping me categorize the various characters.

Want see who else you might have been, or what types the other DN characters are? For your own personal information...

Light Yagami
| L
| Near
| Mello
| Misa Misa
| Ryuk |
Rem |
Raye Penber |
Soichiro Yagami |
Matsuda |
Mogi |
Aizawa |
Ide |
Naomi Misora
| Rester |
Hal Lidner |
Mat |
Watari |
Sayu Yagami |
Kyomi Takada |
Teru Mikami

And typewise:


Thanks for taking my test, I hope you enjoyed!

Take The Jung Type Death Note Test
at HelloQuizzy

My otp's are dark x light pairings. For some reason I just love the contrast in pairings that are light and dark.

My OTP's in fandoms are.

Death Note -

L x Light (Seme L ftw!)
Light x L (I like a uke L at times too.)
L x Matsuda - pairing is cute.
L x Misa - another cute pairing and Misa isn't as annoying as some people see her. Japanese version for her voicing is better.
L x Beyond Birthday - Light x Dark pairings are love.


Envy x Edward - Love this pairing.
Edward x Winry - Adorable pairing.
Lust x Havoc - Cute pairing.

Final Fantasy -

Sephiroth x Cloud - again light x dark pairings.
Zidane x Kuja - Light and Dark pairing. This is one that pretty much introduced me to yaoi.
Blank x Zidane - Pairing is superb.

Ranma 1/2 -

Ranma x Ryouga - Pretty much the only Y pairing I like for this one.
Ranma x Akane - OTP out of the girls with Ranma.

Sailor Moon -

Usagi x Mamoru (sp?) aka Serena x Darien
Rei Hino x Chad (I'll use the english names since the japanese ones are fuzzy right now.)
Michiru x Haruka - Probably one of the only yuri pairings I can handle that is canon.
Rei x Minako - Another Yuri pairing I can tolerate.

Urusei Yatsura -

Lum x Ataru - Original OTP!

Inuyasha -

Inuyasha x Kagome - Original stuff really is wonderful.


Link x Dark Link - Dark x Light pairings.

Link x Ganon - Dark x Light again.

and YGO

Yugi x Seto - Dark x Light pairings again.
Seto x Jounouchi - The pairing grows on you. XD

There is more I'll post an entry someday with more.

A bit like on the last sentence above.. I don't like pity.. nor do I ever like people to tell me they feel sorry for me.. reason behind this is I was looked down alot in my life and don't find it nice to see pity.. I treat everyone equal and so should you.

If you have the brains to pick a fight with me and you claim to have a mental disorder I will not let you use that as an excuse (unless you are legally classified MPD or so) but for the most part treat me with respect and I'll return the favor.

On a side note, I don't let anyone make an excuse to be an ass to anyone. If you are going to troll me, or a friend I will probably step in to defend the innocent. I hate trolls in general and don't let up on my feelings around them. They sort of have to prove to me they can set aside that feeling to not do that around me or my friends.

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I`m bound by a red ribbon with ~♥[L Lawliet]♥

I am currently looking for communities of my current interest The Death Note series. If you have a community I might be interested in leave a link to me in my email, or a comment. I do write back to all my comments.

I currently mod seme_l If you have a question regarding something in Seme L please get a hold of me. I am usually on 24/7. If not I will always get back to you. Your questions are important to me.